Nature's Cradle

  Nocte and Namphake, India

In this journey, we take you to nature’s lesser-known secrets of Northeast India: Nocte and Namphake. Rich with biodiversity, the place is a treat to nature lovers. Traditional chang-ghars and roofs made of dry toko leaves adorn the village. We will camp in nature’s lap here and explore the nearby hills while immersing in the unique culture of the region with the Tai Phake Buddhist community and Nocte Naga tribe. Many other communities like The Tea Tribe, Ahom and Kachari live here as well. These colorful cultures live here together harmoniously with community living and practices and unique traditional ritualistic practices. The nearby region also houses a rainforest with world’s highest number of cat species recorded. A variety of orchids adorn the places and during this time, golden paddy would be visible everywhere. We will immerse in traditional practices of the local people and end the journey by hosting a unique community festival as a memorable imprint of our time here.

Nature's Cradle: The Concept

We are a group of curious travelers who love diving into new spaces and exploring it together. It’s not a guided tour. We co-live and immerse in an unseen unheard place together. Strangers become family in these expeditions. Through Nature’s Cradle, we aim to usher in the new year of 2023 with people and spaces that aim to refresh and rejuvenate us while our curious souls get a feast of adventures by discovering hidden gems in nature and culture.

What to Expect
  • Camaraderie and meeting a diverse group of curated people
  • Community spirit and deep immersion into culture and spaces
  • Raw and real trips of exploration with surprise encounters
  • Slow tourism, rural environment and participatory living lifestyle
  • Comfortable camping in the wilderness in an unheard unseen place
What not to Expect
  • An organized tour with specific activities
  • Covering a checklist of tourist spots
  • Jampacked itinerary and hotel like services
  • Impersonal defined standard travel route

Where are we going

S O M E W H E R E in the mother nature. into the almost wild. The hamlets of Nocte and Namphake are close to national parks and a rainforest which make them an ideal space to explore nature safely and comfortably. These picturesque villages are nestled in northern Assam right next to Arunachal Pradesh with an old-world charm. The calm waters of Buridihing river passes through the villages making the region a serene destination for the travelers. The orange hues of the evening sun reflected on the river bed is a sight to behold. Rich in flora and fauna, you are right inside a nature’s cradle here.

Comfortable Camping
Local Meals
Covid Safety
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Rs 28,000/-
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Have Questions?

How do I join the Unheard Unseen community?
Our community is curated to create the best experience for every individual in each program and hence, it is an invite-only community. You can join if a community member has invited you or you can apply for an invitation here.
Is there any covid guidelines?
Participants need to be either fully vaccinated or with a RTPCR Covid -ve report on arrival.
What if I can’t join in the dates displayed here?
Unheard Unseen is a series of learning expeditions that happen in multiple locations and dates throughout the year. You can apply for an invite and join us for the next expedition that’s suitable for you.
Is this a residency project?
Yes, this is a residential program designed to nourish your exploratory and collaborative self. We take care of the stay and food throughout the entire program. All you need to do is show up and be fully present.
What is the cancellation policy?
Your appointments and well-being are very important to us. In case of cancelation of the program due to unforeseen circumstances, we will refund 100% of the program fee.

We plan and curate every experience with utmost care and love before you arrive. We understand that sometimes, unexpected delays can occur, making schedule adjustments. Any cancellation or reschedule by the participant made less than 10 days before the start of their journey will result in cancelation charges of 50% of the program fee and cancelations made less that 72 hours before the journey will encumber charges of 80% of the program fee.
Any important points to note?
It is important that all our participants travel responsibly and respect the surroundings and communities they will be living with during the course of the program.

Are you one of us?

This is an expedition of like-hearted-playful-thinkers who believe that indulging in multidisciplinary learning frameworks, experimental research and alternative pedagogies will strengthen our approaches to perceptivity such that we could collectively recreate our own meaning of love and romance in life.

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