Floating Secrets

  Manipur, India

Floating Secrets is created as a journey of slowing down to uncover the stories of endangered crafts, practices and emotions of the tribes in one of the oldest states of Northeast India, Manipur. Traditions of the independent thinkers of the Meitei tribe and the skillful crafts of the land from unique pottery without using the potter’s wheel, salt making without seawater to aesthetic creations from the humble bamboo, Manipur has some of the most unique and world-famous cultures of the world nestled safely in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas with blue-hued hills and freshwater lakes. And yet, these unique practices are endangered today. How did these practices evolve over time? Why are these crafts left out today?

Can we reinforce the significance of the richness of knowledge among the minds of the local community by co-living with them? It’s time to immerse in it, live in it and bring out the story to the world.

Floating Secrets: The Concept

Sustainability is a word that has gone down in our daily dictionaries today and come up every now and then. We know that traditional knowledge, be it handicraft, rituals, practices of India are not just scientifically aesthetically and artistically relevant but have also always worked with the environment in a synchronised way. So, how can we ensure conservation of the same? How can we keep the essence of traditions, the diligence of crafting while progressing towards modernity and development? Floating Secrets is a participatory living experience designed to let you discover the unique practices and crafts of the tribal cultures of Manipur and absorb their real, raw stories. While nature will act as the cocoon in which we will breathe and immerse into the beautiful landscapes and traditions of the villages, the experiences and discourses of Unheard Unseen are designed for you to encounter and absorb the ethnic cultures and crafts through a multi-disciplinary and critical lens. It’s a traveller’s paradise and a storyteller’s dream to weave together beautiful moments in undiscovered places while creating lasting impact for the communities we live with.

Where are we going

S O M E W H E R E where the dreams floats - a secret location in Manipur

Manipur is situated on the eastern frontier of India. It is bounded on the east by Myanmar (Burma), on the north by the State of Nagaland, on the west by the State of Assam and on the south by the State of Mizoram and Myanmar. Physically Manipur comprises two parts, the hills and the valley. The valley is at the centre surrounded by hills on all sides. The hills cover about 9/10 of the total area of the State.

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Have Questions?

How do I join the Unheard Unseen community?
Our community is curated to create the best experience for every individual in each program and hence, it is an invite-only community. You can join if a community member has invited you or you can apply for an invitation here.
What if I can’t join in the dates displayed here?
Unheard Unseen is a series of learning expeditions that happen in multiple locations and dates throughout the year. You can apply for an invite and join us for the next expedition that’s suitable for you.
Is this a residency project?
Yes, this is a residential program designed to nourish your exploratory and collaborative self. We take care of the stay and food throughout the entire program. All you need to do is show up and be fully present.
What is the cancellation policy?
Your appointments and well-being are very important to us. In case of cancelation of the program due to unforeseen circumstances, we will refund 100% of the program fee.

We plan and curate every experience with utmost care and love before you arrive. We understand that sometimes, unexpected delays can occur, making schedule adjustments. Any cancellation or reschedule by the participant made less than 10 days before the start of their journey will result in cancelation charges of 50% of the program fee and cancelations made less that 72 hours before the journey will encumber charges of 80% of the program fee.
Any important points to note?
It is important that all our participants travel responsibly and respect the surroundings and communities they will be living with during the course of the program.

Are you one of us?

This is an expedition of like-hearted-playful-thinkers who believe that indulging in multidisciplinary learning frameworks, experimental research and alternative pedagogies will strengthen our approaches to perceptivity such that we could collectively recreate our own meaning of love and romance in life.

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