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Technology and Humans: An Eternal Friendship

There is this notion in the common public discourse that technology has effected the human race and has degraded the human intelligence. This has happened due to this ongoing smartphone revolution. Technology gets the blame of making the human intelligence degraded from its true potential. I am here to defer from this notion and show a broader perspective. At the dawn of our human civilization here on earth, the wheel was invented. This didn't overpower the humans of those times. Instead the transportation became easier and faster and brought wellbeing in humanity. The humans who adapted and learnt how to use the wheel to its full potential got their own important place. For example, the potters and the charioteers. The warriors didn't become a lesser warriors when the wheels came, instead wheels became common in the battlefields helping the warriors win their battles. The use of boats to cross rivers didn't make the humans less degraded or devalued. Humans didn't forget to swim. Just the necessity of swimming everyday like the fishes was gone. The invention of the printing press, didn't reduce human intelligence although it brought down the writing abilities of our species. Instead knowledge was spread in a more efficient way across the globe. All these technologies evolved humans and gave us opportunities to explore the universe more than ever.

Humanity's exploration of the outer space
Mother earth from the ISS

When technological advances happen it happens for all the humans. So in perspective of the combined consciousness no one is bound to feel degraded. Technology will keep getting more advanced year after year. From wheels to swords, from starships to artificial intelligence, from harnessing dark matter to cloning the human genome, all of this will continue happening. Changes will arise in social structures, jobs, living standards. But the basic nature of being a human will always be there. The need to eat, sleep, survive, learn, explore, seek and evolve.

An intelligent robot
Virtual reality

The feeling of degraded-ness or devaluation due to technology will not arise consciously as humans will always know, all these technologies are the children of the human species itself. Just like a person walking doesn't feel degraded when a jet-plane crosses him up in the sky. This jet-plane just gives the person walking more inspiration to explore. Whatever technology is invented, the technology of a human being is still superior and subconsciously all humans know this deep inside. The wheel and the machines took away the physical work from humans. In the same way the artificial intelligent computers will take away the mental work from us. In that moment, humans will dive into deeper dimensions of spiritual knowledge and emotions. In conclusion, technological development won't degrade human beings, as the human's own natural technology supports the change in the universe. The current notion is just the chaos before the calm.

Listening to other galaxies for intelligent life
Artificial hands
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