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If you ask me the meaning of the term “Freebirds”, I will ask you to "google it", not because I know a few websites, but because I am not a linguistic expert. Google being one of the reputed networks containing information, I regularly visit its search engine, also called “Google”, to help me frame sentences. Google ranks information available on the searchable internet and puts the most relevant results for a particular query at the top. I would trust Google to help me define “who is a Freebird” and this is what I got when I did the search.


So, do you consider yourself to be a Freebird? Here is my story: Starting with the definition of “Freebirds” itself, it is irrational to have “no worries or troubles” as it seems to be an inherent attribute of life. Hence, personally, I have been working on minimizing it, rather than trying to nullify it. While doing so, I noted 3 specific items — that if I decide (1) the people that I am engaged with, (2) the work that I am involved with, and (3) the thoughts that come to my mind, I rarely become unhappy. It seems to be an ideal situation but it is not always the case, as in life we are bound to do things that don’t please us. To control the futile thoughts in my mind (point 3 mentioned above), pausing for a minute and taking a deep breath once a while helped me so far. Further attending to the point (1), I have made sure I am consciously putting an effort to retain relationships with like-minded people I have known, additionally recognizing and spending time with the people who care about me. Upon spending time analysing my life [ mid-life crisis (?) ], I started realising that the second point is the root of most of my “worries or troubles” as defined in the screenshot above. Not that I was unhappy with my work, studies, or job, but somehow it affected the people I wanted to spend time with. Drilling down, I observed that it was happening because I need money to survive and I obtained it by offering my time in exchange for a salary.

See a network?

What is is the brainchild of Rithika, constantly evolving with time. I would consider it to be a community of open-minded people — people whom I would like to spend time with, be in their circles, listen to their stories, and Learn from their Experiences. Technically speaking, I would consider to be a network. There are various networks on the internet. For example, a network for friends would Facebook, a network for professional connections would be LinkedIn a network of fact-checkers would be IFCN, and a network of people appreciating quality fun content would be 9gag. These networks are widely termed as Social Networks or social media. I frequently use these networks without thinking about the “cost” of my Time. In a similar manner, I decided to “give” my time to anybody in the network for free, without any strings attached. Does it work? I am interested in a wide range of topics, starting from Philosophy and Music, to Science and Technology, and Conspiracy Theories. In one word, Everything! I engage myself in knowing the advancements in the subjects I have pursued my interests in — Engineering, Web Technologies, Forensics, Data Science and Digital Security. I have noticed, if I give my time for free, people approach me without judgement and we enjoy learning while sharing the experiences we have. The knowledge I have acquired from these conversations is Priceless.


What Knowledge? To name a few, I have learnt about - Life, Design and Branding, and Artificial Intelligence from Omkar - Business, entrepreneurship and international exposure from Rithika - Music and how to have fun with Mathematics and Education and how to be a good guy from Abhishek - Climate Change and Buildings from The OnePointFive Tribe - Women entrepreneurs from the North East India from Santana Sharma - Storytelling, Math, Science and various languages including Sanskrit and about innovative teaching materials from Satyajeet Saikia - Life struggles and mental health from Tinat - Meditation, travel and stories about the North East India from Honiya - German language, party scene in Goa, co-working spaces in Jaipur and about the Hostel culture in India from Sturmfrei - Cultures around the world from Saurav, Art from Kamal and Crafts from Monica. And all these after we launched the website publicly on 1st January 2020! This list goes on and with their time and help, I have gathered enough knowledge to have a mature healthy conversation with anyone interested in these topics — which is fun for me. Trust me, there are a lot of interesting people and topics we are dealing with in Freebirds on a day-to-day basis. Ocean and Nature conservationists, ethical Hackers, Coke Studio performers, Bollywood celebrities, Government officials, world’s fastest blindfolded Rubik’s Cube solver, and both Governmental and non governmental Educational Societies are all in the Freebirds network.


How does it work? If you have any interests which you would like to explore and you let me know, we’ll work together to figure out a way to Experience it. All it requires is your time. What can I share with the Freebirds? I consider myself to be well versed in the Internet world because of my hobbies, my education and work. I can help you “Experience The Internet”. How do I earn money if everything is for free? Everything is not for free. Only my time is free, that too specifically for the Freebirds recognised by the community. Summing it all up: I want to be a Freebird, do you? Thank you for attending my Ted Talk.

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