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It was 2019 and I was suffering with severe breathing issues after returning from a high-altitude region. I continuously used the inhalers for it. I was taking my prescribed medicines but the issues pertained for many days. I tried homeopathic medicines too but the issue didn't get resolved for weeks. I would feel embarrassed at my workplace because of the heavy breathing in silent meeting rooms. I finally went for an Access Bars session at Innergies Mastery, Banashankari. It was a session of 45 minutes and I could start breathing more easily during my presence there. By the evening, after I reached home, I could breathe from both my nostrils. It was like a heaviness lifted of my chest both figuratively and literally. It was then that I realized the power of our subconscious mind in its full glory, that alternative healing were not only for emotional issues but for their physical manifestation too. There was no turning back for me as I took the certification courses for Access Bars and Energetic Facelift in order to practice it and to introduce these methods to a wider audience. Today I practice Tarot Counseling for my online clients where I guide them into a future they want to create and help them make choices. I do in-person sessions of Access Bars at Bangalore, where 32 points on your head are gently touched, that helps people with their sleep issues, mild depression, anxiety issues, stress, and other limiting issues in their lives. I also do in-person sessions of Access Energetic Facelift which is a hands-on body process that quickens the body's natural healing capacity, helps with body-image issues and delays the signs of aging. I call my initiative Step-Up Saturdays because it asks you to step up in life and most sessions are scheduled on Saturdays basis my schedule.

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Author of 4 poetry books including the Amazon Bestseller of 2020 - The Art of Letting Go. My...

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