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''Happiness is a journey not a destination''

''Sitting in a workshop when the coordinator asked everyone what they learned or what thought came up in their mind during the process, everyone had long line answers but when they turned towards a little girl, she replied ''HAPPY'' without thinking twice''. Happiness is simple, we complicate it with our expectations. The pictures depict the same simple form of happiness where one laughed when I asked him that you are looking beautiful and I want to take a picture of you. Generally, I struggle taking pictures of human beings, as for me it's complex. You would rather find me taking pictures of animals and the beauty of the surrounding environment. But this was different, ( maybe because of the upgraded phone I had, hahaha ..), still different because it reminded me of how beauty lies in simplicity and one can enjoy his/her own company. Later in one session, I saw a cute little kid playing with his grandfather and the innocence in their relationship caught my eyes and I asked if I could capture their moment. There I found the happiness of belongingness. In one corner where I was struggling with the heat, this kid was happy just being there with his grandfather. The most favourite one is the happiness of freedom, freedom of choice, and self-confidence that we inherit during our journey of struggle and once the touch of freedom hits you there is no way going back..

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I am a traveller and love to learn new things through travel experiences like music dance, art,...

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