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Harmony - a poetic collective - Part 2

TUNE Wind sows the tune in those heart where vibration of feel sustains... Ah! lingering tune stays to accompany unconditionally.


TIME Wings of time carries the happenings... It is only on the brown fragrant pages of history where time stays evergreen.


FEEL Words never dies.. they sometimes blooms in our heart and sometimes rears sorrow ...not to worry because life is too short to waste... Nourish the word with positivity...


ACHIEVEMENT Whatever one gains never allows mind and heart to draw the endline of expectation... perhaps the dream of achievement pulls people to move forward loading one's heart full of desires... which has no mercy...


HOLI Colours fly high adoring human presence... Petals of flower borrows the happiness of colour Ah..a day in the name of colour....

Story by
Karabi Kakoti

A Mother, an Artist, a Poet, a Writer and an avid Dreamer… One who paint words and translates...

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