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When we think of Royal Enfield, we tend to associate it with big bikes and massive engines upwards of 350cc. But there was a time when they used to produce a wide range of 2-wheelers in all shapes and sizes, and among them, the most interesting was a moped called Enfield Mofa.


Back in the 1980s when mopeds were the norm, several companies were trying to outdo each other with their "me-too" mopeds. Not wanting to be left behind, Royal Enfield also jumped into the fray, but wanted to provide something unique, and thus came up with an ultra-small moped powered by a tiny 22cc engine delivering a mere 0.8 bhp!


However, what made it very interesting was the fact that it could deliver fuel efficiency of a whopping 90 kmpl! It was called MOFA, which was an abbreviation of "MO"ped "F"or "A"ll. And true to its name, it was indeed meant for all, because as per RTO rules, such tiny 22cc engine neither required any registration nor RC book, nor did the owner need a driving license to ride it.


However, by the 90s, change in customer trends (from mopeds to motorcycles) affected Mofa's prospects. Moreover, it had become notorious for lack of spare parts, ride quality, etc which further affected its sales. All these factors forced Enfield to discontinue Mofa in early 90s, but its fun filled memories are still fresh among old timers even today.

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