Freebirds Stories
For the blushed one.

Amazing breezes blowing throughout. In the garden so zen. Everything’s beautiful. Oh, my sweet little rose. Your petals hypnotize me. I need to hold steady. Your smell is incomparable To all the rest. Why do I feel a bit dizzy?


Oh, my sweet little rose. I want to pluck you Pull you closer to my arms. I wanna keep you warm. Save you in my coat. Look at you the moment I want Keep you for eternity. But it won’t be eternal The clock starts to click. It will be over Right the very moment I did the deed.


I guess I would’ve to leave you alone. Let you breathe. You’re such a beauty. I will let nature make you keep. But I will be around. Will Protect you from rain. You’re my sweet little rose, always. I don’t know if you feel the same But my feelings for you shall never go in vain.

Story by
Dicom Pathak

Programmer, Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Polymath. Well, in a nutshell, just absolutely incredible.

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