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Pondering Reminiscence - Tune

TUNE In the air tune swims... wherever a heart cares tune settles. Vibration of life mingles with tune and enriches living for life.


Tune slips from air and transforms my feelings in to words. The whistle of wind... murmuring sound of stream... whispering trees... jingles of rain makes me bound to bind tunes with words.


I am a lover of tune. In my childhood days I hummed the favourite tune. Ah!a good bathroom singer. Father appointed a music teacher when I was in lower secondary. Oh! I never enjoyed the limited musical instruction. I wanted to roam with the tune. Those musical classes wind up. But my craze for listening music continued. Then a day came when I became interested for violin when I very often listened violin playing in Mitali's place. Mitali's violin teacher late Lokesh Dutta was a very knowledgeable person. He became my violin teacher. I was good in playing. In my 1st exam of Bhatkhande I happen to touch a tune which is not in the note of my raag. The external examiner asked me whether I touched that tune knowingly. My violin sir hinted me to say yes with the corner of his eyes. But I simply said no. I love to speak truth that is why I denied. Well I got less mark but I had the mental satisfaction till today. Tunes are the life line .When rain falls it forms various tune... over the roof... over the leaf... over the pond.. When wind flows it forms tune and enters deep inside the heart. Life without tune is lifeless for anyone. Shakespeare well said... If music be the food of love... play on.

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Karabi Kakoti

A Mother, an Artist, a Poet, a Writer and an avid Dreamer… One who paint words and translates...

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