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Pondering Reminiscence - Radio

In our school days radio was our sole entertainment. We had a radio cum record player. The black elegant smooth discs moved flawlessly with hidden tune and music. Once father won a lottery and brought a record where famous Assamese songs were recorded. Every afternoon father played that record to feel relaxed and I enjoyed those moments very much. Tried my level best to hum with the tune.


Gitimalika, Vivid Bharoti, Jaymala, drama were some of my favourite programme. I was a good bathroom singer. We tried to memorise the lyrics. During my highschool days father brought a transistor and a pocket radio. From my very childhood I love tiny products. Pocket radio was a fun to listen. Keeping the pocket radio beside the pillow at night was a craze for me. All the songs touched my soul . Wow what a feel.


During exam period father never allowed us to listen radio. It was a tragedy. We missed our radio. When the power of radio(run by battery) decline a sadness enveloped us. Suddenly television entered in to the scenario. Radios became antique piece for a while.


Again radio came in to our life with trendy FM. RJ Sujita of 92.7 BIG FM became my very close one as I have won many prizes. Our friendship is still green. In the car, in the kitchen, at the bed time with ear phone I enjoy radio hidden in the smart phone. A gradual evolution. But still a friend of life. You can listen, you can feel, you can dream, you can imagine and most important thing is you are never alone when you are with a RADIO.

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Karabi Kakoti

A Mother, an Artist, a Poet, a Writer and an avid Dreamer… One who paint words and translates...

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