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A Rescue Operation of Indian Cobra.

There are more than 110 snakes available in Northeast India. Among those, 65 of them are more or leses poisonous. Most of these poisonous type of snakes are found in Assam. Out of the 65 poisonous ones, these 5 are the most dangerous: 1. King cobra, 2. Banded krait, 3. White lipped pit viper, 4. Red Necked Keelback, and, 5. Monocle cobra,


Today, here in Bongaigaon, we have gathered to checkout a snake rescuer trying to capture an Indian Spectacled Cobra. It must have come out in search of food at night. Generally cobras are found in this area. This, however is very poisonous one. If anyone is attacked by a spectacled cobra, they are advised to immediately visit a hospital for treatment.


Catching the snake is also an art, very few people know the trick to catch a snake. I have recorded a video (link below) of our snake rescuer, Mr. Harmahan Rabha. He is from Kakaijana, Bongaigaon. He is outstanding in catching snakes.


By the way, it might look very easy, but please do not try to catch a snake after watching this video. In the video, Harmahan has rescued the snake very carefully and after rescuing it he has released the snake in the jungle, it's natural habitat. Snakes kill animals and pests like rats that damage our crops. So in a way, snakes are actually good friends of us cultivators and farmers. They never attack you first, actually they are afraid of humans.


In the above picture one snake charmer is playing with a poisonous cobra, however, the fangs of the snake is broken to make it harmless. This is usually done in a very brutal manner. In Hindu religion, we worship animals including snakes as a Mother (God). Snakes are associated heavily with Lord Shiva. I wonder why such people still practicing all this kind of violence against snakes for fun. Here is the video of Harmahan rescuing the snake:

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