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Green... eternal tree of life

Green is the lifeline... reaching green heart blooms like a flower... mind enriches to love world as own.


When green shines i feel an attraction. My eyes roves and roves over the green presence.And word melts to form poems.


I consider myself lucky because wherever I stay I can view green hills. Actually any person who has a happy and wide heart can carry a green feel. I have met many people with green heart. Poet Nilomoni Phukon has still have a green heart. Phukon sir always wears a smile like saint and adores green as his lifeline. When I resigned the lecturer post of Goalpara College Appya Sir from Kerela (Deptt of English)told me.. Karabi you have taken all the green from college..


Green sooths human life. Abhoyapuri is a place where green canopy enriches. In the Astha resort one can find eternal beauty. The fresh air flows from the surrounding hills. The green cabbages of slanting Jayantia hills can snatch anyone's feel. Green cabbages can be named as green roses for the petal like shape.


The paddy fields of miles and miles near highway are my favourite place to feel near to green. Ah! When rain falls over the green my heart leaps and I revive my childhood. The coloured umbrellas dances with rain. I can remember my schooldays - when I with my friend jumps in the little puddles in the grass land of school. I refresh my feel of observing green hills in my journey when stay at home closing my eyes. Without green living is not possible. Live green. Stay green

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Karabi Kakoti

A Mother, an Artist, a Poet, a Writer and an avid Dreamer… One who paint words and translates...

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