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"Good Friend"

One fine morning in the early 1960s, while Mr SP Mathur, who was working as an engineer at Siemens India Pvt Ltd, was getting ready for office, Mrs Mathur told him that he wouldn't be getting his breakfast that morning because their imported Braun mixie broke down again. She then teasingly went on to tell him "You call yourself an engineer. Can you develop a reliable mixie and put an end to this problem?".


That very same day, Mr Mathur resigned from his well paying job and set out to develop India's first fully indeginous branded reliable mixie. As he surveyed the market, he realized that it was a very common problem in most households, since all the mixies back then were either imported or modeled after European brands which were suitable only for blending soft foods like fruits, veggies, etc, and couldn't withstand the rigorous needs of Indian cuisine which involved hard spices.


With these findings, he developed a mixie with very powerful motor with steel jars which was a revolutionary jump from the plastic jars in European blenders. For the next few months, his wife constantly provided him feedback which helped him tweak his mixie design & specs over the months to make it suitable for Indian kitchen. The mixie was launched with the tag line "Strong and Reliable", under the brand name "Sumeet" which means "Good Friend" in Sanskrit, and the rest is history.


True to its name, Sumeet remained as a good friend to every homemaker due to its reliability & simplicity, which would help it last for decades without any problems. Despite intense competition in a market flooded with fancy mixies boasting "advanced" features, the humble Sumeet still has a strong fan following and loyal customer base who swear by its reliability even today.

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