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CV Raman - the brilliant young man

In the early 20th century, a brilliant young man was deeply dejected due to rejection of his application on health grounds. Born & brought up in a highly orthodox Hindu family, he had put immense efforts towards studies and developed scientific temper from a very young age.


Such was his caliber that he had managed to clear his matriculation (10th std) at the tender age of 11, and Intermediate exams (12th std) by the age of 13. He went on to pursue his degree with the same zeal, and topped the university with a Gold medal at the age of 16 !!


By the age of 18, he had already started publishing scientific papers in international journals and was quickly noticed by a Scientist in England who invited him to pursue a scientific career in London. As part of the formality, he was asked to undergo a health inspection.


The health report stated that he was very weak and wouldn't be able to survive the harsh cold weathers of England, which meant his scientific career had abruptly ended even before it could begin. Deeply dejected, the 18 year old man finally said to himself: "So what if England cannot provide me the platform for my scientific career? I will continue my research in India itself and hopefully in future, prove to the world what our Indian labs & scientists are capable of."


That brilliant young man's name was CV Raman.

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