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Harmony - a poetic collective - Part 21

VINTAGE AROMA Green was his feel. Tune flows through Vintage creation... Culture shines . His dedication, His imagination, inspirations vibrates as Vintage tune In every Soul.... For every decade.


THE BRIDGE Over the river bridge lies... For decade.. Sometimes high water level Moistens the body Of mighty bridge. Day in and day out Busy hours rolls Over the bridge... Setting sun Noon sun Paints the waves. Whenever rain falls Waves dances wearing the silver glow. Bridge stays calm. Allows everyone to cross ...Banks stares for ages And holds both ends... Ah.. .the lifeline of people... To be remembered, forever....


ADMIRE River bank trees admire their reflection in day light.... Ah...adorable... Night blur the scenerio.. But trees are aware and stares and stays close to river...

Story by
Karabi Kakoti

A Mother, an Artist, a Poet, a Writer and an avid Dreamer… One who paint words and translates...

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