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Fragrance of a book

Flowers have the fragrance. The pages of books also conceive the fragrance of knowledge. The yellow pages of elite books are itself the sentinel of knowledge. Variety of cover page, bindings, paper quality ,content gives shape to books.


During our school days summer vacations were the proper time to buy books. Father took us to Dutta Baruah n co's bookshop of Panbazar. Wow! books and books and books... I became so excited that I fumble for the right book for me. Father allowed us to take whatever the book we like. The price of the books were very reasonable. After selecting books (story books, autobiographies, thriller, detective type books), Dutta Baruah jetha offered us the Coca cola drink. Our father was very strict. He shared one bottle among three of us - because cold drinks are not good for health.


We often exchanged our books with our neighbourhood friend...Mitali (now a doctor in Chennai), Ranjita (now textile designer, USA), Sangita (lecturer), Arup(expired), Ainu ba (Prof. Cotton University), Nandita(ACS)etc. James Hadley Chase, Shidney Sheldon, Peary Mason, Mills n boon, Assamese novels, story books, Tin tin comics, Asterix comics etc.


I happen to became pen friend with Anant Pai of Tinkle. I was a regular reader and wrote 2 stories which were illustrated. I was a regular subscriber of Reader's Digest. Ah! this tiny magazine holds the world even today with same standard. A book with a pandora of knowledge.


We lost ourself in the pages of books when we read it.I often imagine all the sequence and the stories took the reel feel. As if I was watching a movie. The writer of Thorn Birds took 20 years to write. When anyone read the book, the person can easily get the glimpse of Newzealand, the base of the novel.


Books can offer mental food for brain. The books related to syllabus are always stressful. When you make it a habit of reading books of different feel you can feel relaxed. We had a tiny library at home and every Sunday we cleaned our books with care. Books are like the heartbeat. Books teaches us, guides us, comforts us, accompanies us, trains us. Books are the balance of our thinking process. Making friendship with books never betray... it is like a shadow which accompanies our life long journey.

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Karabi Kakoti

A Mother, an Artist, a Poet, a Writer and an avid Dreamer… One who paint words and translates...

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