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EXPERIENCE - an unforgettable moment

A smile which neither express joy nor sadness, just passed through my curvey lips. What a dreadful day it was! What a stupid moment! Though I'am answering a question of my major subject now, I am thinking of that moment! Oh that might be one or half an hour, but for me it was really a year, believe me! Why did I act so foolishly? Wait, I will tell you! Please don't be impatient.


I and my elder sister went to a place, say a friend's house. When we went back home, we saw two young men sitting in our parlour and both reading some magazines. Mother told us in our bedroom in a very low voice and helpless eyes that those two could not speak Assamese. Trouble was that, she, my mother, somehow managed to get information about them. Unfortunately, my father and brother were not at home at that very moment. The young men came to meet my father. Like mother, we, too can not speak English fluently, though we can write it. Mother ordered me to talk with them. I, with a throbbing heart, presented myself before them. My whole body was sweating. The heart was beating like a drum! Oh! you had to look at my face then! They were questioning me and how I answered their questions......oh, please don't ask me! But at last when I took their autographs, one of them wrote.......'Goodie young Rima (rima is my homename). How can I forget your 'straightforwardness' in making a good friendship with both of us."


Just then my father came and I felt I was rescued from a deep river. Oh! What a day it was! But now I am questioning myself...why did I act so foolishly? Talking with them had really improved my knowledge. Experience is the best friend of man. One of our Prof of Cotton College once questioned me, "Who is your best friend?" and he himself replied because he knew nobody could answer his question. Really now I'm realising 'Experience is the best friend of man'. A smile, which neither express joy nor sadness just passed through my curvey lips....

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Karabi Kakoti

A Mother, an Artist, a Poet, a Writer and an avid Dreamer… One who paint words and translates...

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