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Window - space through which world slips

The widows frames the panorama... The blue sky comes within .. clouds takes shape.. open or closed windows are close to heart. vision can be blurred by rain or fog windows are always stays open for insight.


I prefer to stay home. But my mind happen to roam around the world .Windows are my way to roam.A house without window is shocking to imagine. Windows are the asset of imagination.


Windows allows the wind to enter... touches the feel and imagination rolls. A kind of sensation I feel when rain drops enter through open window and wet my soul. Whenever I lay back on bed or couch I select a window view. A blue sky or a grey sky peeps through and wins the heart.


I always take the window view seat in my journey so that I can release myself in to the feel of nature. Ah! anyone can explain the green view of Meghalaya or Abhoyapuri through window view of car. No need to be a poet or writer. Every person has the aesthetic sense. Windows are the soul of a house. At night curtains covers the closed windows but windows wait for morning. to be opened by somebody who love the world.


In my college days when I played violin in our dinning room(it was a big one) floor ,our next-door neighbour late Dr Jyoti Medhi borta used to open his studyroom window (which was near our dinning room) so that he could listen clearly. Windows are sensational. We have lots of windows at our place which are open during day time. At night behind the closed window stars and moon paints the scenario which I always watch before I drift myself in to sleep and slip in to dreamland....World slips through windows.

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Karabi Kakoti

A Mother, an Artist, a Poet, a Writer and an avid Dreamer… One who paint words and translates...

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