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How equity trading will lead to earn a passive income for the family

Hello Readers! Good evening & greetings Hope all are keeping safe during covid 19, hardships during the period - this is lesson of life without job how to survive & earn money. I thought giving this wonderful knowledge of equity to all community for earning passive income with small capital. Equity trading is the only business in the world which is M2M with small capital and earn decent passive income to family.


Who am I? I am Er Suresh Belagutti - equity trading trainer with 10 years of trading experience. We mainly train equity training on FYERS ONE - Web trading applications. We are also associated partner under the code AP-0473 with Fyers one trading community. We have started this course to give some good insights of financial management to all community which plays major roles in maintaining efficiency in handing your capital investment for better growth in future. We have started this course to help families who have lost jobs during covid and also earn passive income to family ,


Is this course for you? Anybody who have completed graduation and unable to take up job after attaining family - all Graduates & undergraduates with little knowledge of calculations can join this course to earn better income with small investing of 1-2 lacs capital. We are training in regional languages - Hindi-Kannada-Telugu-Tamil & English We are conducting equity training schedules conducted every month with successful registrations for a Period of 10 days. We have already trained 25-30 people under Abhee Trading Academy who are successes fully having winning trades and earning decent money every month , Participants interested can drop me a message on or find the course on my profile.

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Professionally, I am a project consultant in construction working since 35 years. I am...

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