Freebirds Stories
A Walk Through Nature

The Aura which is energized by strolls through valleys, and paths through Forests. We walk across the Lush Green Forest, with each breath as fresh and Pure. The twigs Crush as We place our steps, and the feeble branches snaps as we keep our pace. The Birds Chirp above our heads and as We raise our heads to the skies, The Sight you see is the Light that tries to peep through the Canopy. The Silent winds Treads across your path filled with Aroma. The Scents of Herbs, trees,wet and dry leaves. The sounds of the Distant Flowing rivers ,Gushing waterfalls and the Smooth Brooks.


The Scenic Beauty of Fog amidst the Timbers and hills. The Clouds drifting to the slow pace of time blinding the Mountains . The Views of The Pass and Valleys to behold from high up above on the summit by trekking. To Indulge among the Fauna. The Serenity To See The Majestic Tigers and Felines.The calm exposure to watch The Great Indian Elephants and the Silence to observe the Spotted Dears. The patience to glance the Ave's Among'st the Trees The Pit-stops to see the running fields Of Tea plantations running across the Steeps.To Feel the Chill and Cold wind Across our face and Hair whilst conquering Hairpins. The Joy to Scream and Hear Your Echo in that oppurtune moment of Happiness That is the Joy of Nature

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