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At last we decided to visit Agartala. My husband was posted as Ex. Engg-Mech. PWD of Silchar. We started our journey by a rented car driven by one of our staff driver who had good knowledge about Tripura. The road journey was a memorable one. Surprisingly enough we had not seen any commercial advertisement. The roads were very curvey. There was one signboard mentioning... check your nerve on the curve.


One side of the road was steep hill and other side was slanting hilly area with trees. No commercial advertisement but some hoardings are there(road side) not throw any match sticks, burning cigrattes etc. for the safety of jungle. On some board Ravindra Nath Tagore's poem with photo was planted which were very praiseworthy.


If you are cutting a tree then plant another ten - this type of messages were found. Though roads were so curvey they were very scientific, well maintained, broad. Perhaps that was the reason I had not seen any road side accident. Dharmapur, Suraibari, Ratabari, Chakmaghat etc the name of some places. I was overjoyed of viewing trees and hills. It took 10 hours to reach Agartala.


The moment we reach we decided to eat in a roadside hotel. The hotel was very clean. I have seen one important aspect of Tripura is they are very conscious about cleanliness. The plate where you will eat be it made of paper or steel... you have to clean it (already clean) it with the water they offer. A rare custom. At the entrance of Agartala one stone signboard was there... engraved in a local language... FAIKAHAM (welcome) and HAMBAI (thank you). Though local language is now in danger. We had a nice experience... On our way to hotel we wanted to make a short cut but policeman who stood there requested us humbly to take the long turn as it was against the rule. The traffic rules were followed strictly.


We visited Rudra Sagar, Rubber Garden, the temple, the Palace etc. One thing I noticed was the plantation of trees. The new Secretariat building was designed beautifully with planting trees which were fresh. Hope one-day they will get their full growth and make the place more green. We stayed there only for two days. It was not possible for us to cover whole site. But people of Agartala are very humble. A beautiful place to visit. A place you want to visit again. So do I.

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