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Mechanical Alarm Clocks

Remember the times when we used to wind up our mechanical alarm clocks every night just before going to bed? And during exams, we used to even borrow additional alarms and wind up 2-3 clocks as backup measure! That's how it taught us responsibility & risk management. We didn't even know what "snooze" or "sleep-through" meant, because the alarms were so loud and "earth-shattering" that once we woke up to its sound, it was just impossible to procrastinate. That's how it made us disciplined.


But now, everything is automatic. Our smartphones pretend to be our slaves, because they offer host of features which makes us feel "empowered". But in reality, we have become slaves of our smartphones, because all those powerful features have in turn made us lazy. We have forgotten discipline. Self-responsibility sounds like a regressive concept in this age of modernity. Probably it is high time we bring the humble mechanical alarm clock back into our lives.

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Guru Prasad

Guruprasad (or “GP” in short) is a Chief Engineer & Technology Mentor by profession and spends a...

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