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1. Release your need for certain outcomes and responses! Why do you even desire to know why your associates behave the way they do. If they fail to respond to your kindness and attention, let them go. If you continue to think that they should behave the way you want them to, then it will be a disservice to yourself. Let yourself free by not thinking of why people behave with you in a manner which may be derogatory to you. They probably do it because of a lacking in their lives! Set yourself free by moving on! 2. Release the inner critic! The language that you use for yourself will define what you think about others too. There's a pattern to thinking 'bad' about yourself. This thought carries on to criticising people outside your periphery and being human, you start getting angry and frustrated. Your inner voice starts controlling you and in the process, you abuse yourself. A cruel cycle! Isn't it time you started using 'nice' words for yourself and for others? 3. Choose positive feedback, encouragement and affirmation! Start the morning with positive affirmations for yourself and you will see that this positivity percolates to your friends and associates. Teach this important skill to others with your behaviour and attitude. Positivity will flow back to you! Isn't life all about positivity, loving and living in the moment? Let bygones be things of the past! Let us all be known only as lovers of humanity! ❤️

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Tinat Atifa Masood

Tinat Atifa Masood is a writer by choice, an actor for fun and a lover and a dreamer by default....

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