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Luxor - a story that started with 5000 INR

During the early 1960s, a teenager who had just finished schooling faced stiff opposition from his family when he revealed his plans of starting his own company to manufacture writing instruments. That teenager was Davindar Kumar Jain, who was fascinated with pens right from his childhood, and had always aspired to develop an affordable pen, as he felt it could help in India's literacy.


However, the elders in his family opposed it severely, as they felt it would be very risky to compete against the well established brands which already had a strong grip on the Indian market, and instead suggested him to join his father's risk-free stationery stores business. But DK Jain was relentless, and after several months of persuasion, finally managed to get permission to start his own company called "Luxor" with an initial capital of just Rs 5,000.


Although DK Jain merely assembled pens during the initial phase to grow his business, he soon came up with an indigenous design using fibre, and launched India's first fibre-tip pen in 1966, which was much cheaper than the conventional fountain pens, thereby fulfilling his vision of developing an affordable pen. By the 1970s, he expanded his product portfolio by introducing India's first filter-tip technology, and 3-D roller ball pens which helped in bringing down costs further, and in turn boosting the company prospects.


In the 1980s, DK Jain set his aim higher, by eyeing the global market, and thus started "Luxor International" to export his pens to several countries including UK & USA. He later partnered with firms like Pilot & Parker to resell their pens in India, while his Luxor pens gained further inroads in other parts of the world. Over time, he went on to develop many more indigeneous products related to college & office stationery, including Markers & OHP.


Interestingly, he was one of the earliest Indian entrepreneurs who realized the power of celebrities in brand endorsements even for non-beauty segments like office stationery, and hence partnered with several filmstars including Big-B to promote Luxor products. In the last few years, Luxor has been aggressively diversifying into several sectors including Retail, Hospitality, Real Estate, Fiber Optics, Nanotechnology, etc, while also strengthening its core business which involves Pens & Markers.


The company which was started almost half a century ago by an ambitious teenager with the vision to make pens affordable to Indians, is now a Global MNC which has managed to capture significant marketshare in 100+ countries! Thanks to its humble & strong foundation, Luxor is still going strength to strength, with its ambitious expansion & diversification plans which continue to churn out innovative products, and in the process, helping "Made in India" tag gain respect & admiration from students & professionals around the world.

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