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Pondering Reminiscence - Feeling the Nature

Man and nature, an intimate bond from the very beginning.Nature always inspires human being for aesthetic creation. Everything in nature... be it sand, soil, stone, leaf, flower, bark, herb,etc can become a master piece in human creation. In our childhood days as part of extra curricular activities of school(work experience), we had to make the shape of mango, banana etc from soil. After drying we had to colour them.


Petals of flower remained an attraction for me since I was a child. Keeping the petals and leaves in the midst of book was a habit by choice. The soft lively petals turned dry. The Poppy petals turned so transparent that one can view printed words through those delicate petals.


Some petals colour remains the same. Pensis is that type of flower. During my school days I asked pensis flower from my Ma (she had nice flower garden). I kept those flowers in the midst of my diaries. Recently I have collected some Pensis flowers from my own garden. Dried them and made a portrait of Vishnu Rabha, which is now secured in the Cotton University library.


Forget me not flower is also close to my heart. Tiny petals turns brown when they are dry. I made the portrait of Kalam our adorable late President(this portait is also in the Cotton University library). I am much thankful to Zabeen ba of Cotton University library for allowing my creation. Nature always inspires human imagination. Adoring each particle of nature makes our thinking creative and living becomes a success because Nature nurtures.

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Karabi Kakoti

A Mother, an Artist, a Poet, a Writer and an avid Dreamer… One who paint words and translates...

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