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Pocket Money

Earning a coin is not an easy task. Having some coin in someone's pocket assures somekind of strength. In our childhood days coins were of different size. I still remember one incident happened in our Nowgaon days(my father was in trasferrable job). Along with the tiffin box ma gave me a ten paise. To buy a stick icecream. I was overjoyed and carried it even at the moring prayer time. Suddenly the coin slipped from my tiny grip and rolled down to drain. Ah!the lost was like loosing 1 Lakh. Even today I can feel the same pain. I was in class 1 then.


Once I requested my mom to prepare some flour glue so that I can prepare some paper bag that I learnt from work experience class of school. Interestingly, even today I can make it. I know the skill. After preparing some I sold them to "burhar dukani" of Silpukhuri - other side of the road. The shopkeeper was shocked ... because I belong to a goodfamily... but I earned coin. During Assam agitation of 80s me, my friend Mitali, Malabaideo, my own baideo etc decided to prepare some greetings card (in those days greetings cards were very popular). As per our plan after preparing, drawing, we went to Lipika bookstall of Guwahati club. A few days latter my cards were sold and I got 17 rupees. My earning.


As I was an artist I often got order from my relatives, friend circle to draw practicals of Zoology, Vety Sc, Engineering, Medical diagrams and school work experiences. Some oil portraits were drawn as per order. But alas... no coins but some gifts like pen, purse, cloth etc. Ah! what a own earning. After joining as lecturer in the college when I got my salary it was no doubt a good feel but not like the feel I got in my childhood and adolescent period when I earned different shapes of coins to fill my pocket. A nostalgia of self confidence I earned from those tiny coins to be remembered till my last breadth.

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Karabi Kakoti

A Mother, an Artist, a Poet, a Writer and an avid Dreamer… One who paint words and translates...

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