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CLOUD - A floating dream

A canopy of grey cloud cling to the infinite blue... Ah...rain hides in the pores of grey... which the earth longs for..


Whenever I rove my eyes over the puffy cloud my dreams takes shape. Clouds neither can touch sky nor earth. The tiny droplets are joining like dream and takes form. Aha! a feel to be realised . Cloud can hide sun. So amazing. Over the view through flight I often wonder how the clouds forms so nicely to give the feel of eternity. Once I happened to get the chance of night flight journey. Ah!the moon spread its cool light over the curly cloud. Silver linings were shined. I starred and still carry the feel like vintage aroma. Rain pulls down cloud. White cloud turn grey .


One can view many shapes of floating cloud. It is the winter which allows cloud to move down and mingle with fog. Cloud crawls with wind. From horizon to heart CLOUD roams. Tiny droplets of water gives the eternal shape to be named as master piece of THEE. Dream rolls along with the floating cloud to form the castle of life. Blue sky with cloud is itself a best creation. Let cloud be safe from human pollution. Live green.

Story by
Karabi Kakoti

A Mother, an Artist, a Poet, a Writer and an avid Dreamer… One who paint words and translates...

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