A short course to introduce young artists to the art of improvisation and uninhibited expression.
30 days
English, Hindi
7 or higher
Detailed Schedule

Week 1 - Exploration

  • Exploring different ways to explore with our bodies sounds and silence
  • Discovering our spontaneous selves learning to show up and show off things we love about ourselves

Week 2 - Expression

  • Learning to embrace our flops and failures
  • Finding delight in problems and mishaps

Week 3 - Improvisation

  • Learning to say yes and really listen to others and ourselves
  • Creating stories without scripts and out of nothing

Week 4 - Sharing our Stories

  • Creating colourful characters and telling stories that came out of our improvisations

At the end of the course children will create a theatre performance and showcase it

The things you will learn
  • How to make stuff up on the spot; a.k.a the art of improvisation
  • How to express freely with your body through mime and expressions
  • To giggle yourself silly and at the same time learn about yourself
  • To create a story of your own and act it out
  • Join us if you would like to try your hand at exploring theatre and clowning and are excited to meet more young actors from around the country!
  • This course is a part of the Immersive offerings designed to enable young learners to experience choice-based learning and deep dive into an interest area.
What’s included in the experience
  • Every Sunday we have a Community Meeting with all other children from different courses.
  • This is open to all children to register
Useful guidelines
  • This course is entirely online.
  • There will be 2 sessions a week for 4 weeks. This makes it a total of 8 sessions.
  • Please try to join the experience on or before the given time
  • Please carry a proof of identification with you
  • Always communicate through Freebirds and never transfer money outside the Freebirds platform
  • You can cancel upto 3 days before the experience is scheduled to start
Hosted by
Pitaara Unleash

We are a small and close knit community of facilitators from different walks of life hosting unique experiential learning workshops. Our first unconference had over 300 participants over a two-day gathering. Children infused virtual screens with their energies, and we could experience the joy of learning together and the value it added to their lives. We work on bringing immersive critical thinking and democratic learning for children from different walks of life.

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