Personalized live training on concepts and web tools to earn an income from home with stock trading
10 days
English, Hindi
18 or higher
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Day 1: Mastering Foundational Concepts

  • Basic Knowledge of equities and technical indicators
  • Importance of Heikin-Ashi Candle Sticks Reading
  • Types of readings and their characteristics
  • Behavior of Heikin-Ashi candles in trending and stagnant zones
  • Selection of stocks for buy and sell sides with NSE index and web portals
  • Selection of gainers and losers for intraday and holdings

Day 2: Understanding Market Trends

  • Types of equities traded in the market
  • Basic information of demat accounts and its importance
  • Brief notes on sensex –Nifty-50 & bank nifty trading details
  • Identification of nifty trend in market with guidelines
  • Equities trading entry for buy –sell zones
  • Importance of central pivot range of stocks

Day 3-4: Derivatives - Futures and Options

  • Basic knowledge on derivatives in futures
  • Derivative future lot sizes, Sensex-bank nifty and equity derivatives
  • Merits & demerits of derivative & options trading
  • Future options: trading understanding concept of ITM-ATM-OTM with examples
  • Learn about OPTION GREEKS: Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega and Rho in call options trading
  • Types of trades: Intraday, Long holding, Mutual funds
  • Reading examples of derivative stocks & lot sizes
  • Equity segment trading basics: CNC, AMO, BO-CO-SL-SLM orders
  • Preconditions for entering stocks: BUY-SELL LIVE EXAMPLES
  • Technical indicators: SMS-5/20, RSI, Volume-super trends, WAP indicators and its applications in ZERODHA & FYERS web platforms
  • Derivative lot sizes and trading examples: Sharing video clips on topics covered
  • Opening range break strategy in equity market: 9.30 am signals

Day 5: Investments in Mutual Funds

  • Mutual fund investments & advantages
  • How to select the mutual fund sector for purchase
  • What are debt funds, risk funds and hedge funds
  • What is mutual market cap and how to identify their portfolio
  • Advantages of lumpsum amount and SIP investments
  • Avoiding the trading risk with investment in mutual funds

Day 6-10: Practical Training on Web and App Trading Platforms

  • Live trading training for buying and selling equity segments 
  • Creation of watchlist technical indicators
  • One-on-one handholding to understand the user interface
  • Entry/exit positions, winning trends and stock selection with experienced traders 
The things you will learn
  • Clarity on concepts of equities, derivatives and mutual funds
  • Reading of Nifty directional move, entry/exit levels and buy/sell calls
  • Futures and Options trading - merits and demerits
  • Strategies using Option Greeks
  • Selection of Stocks and Stop Loss Discipline
  • Knowledge on technical indicators for intraday trading
  • Mastering Heikin-Ashi candle sticks reading and its right application
  • Hedging loss in equities using mutual funds
  • Shortlisting stocks for intraday and long positions using market trends and segments
  • Application of indicators on trading websites like Zerodha, Money Control, Fyers, Aliceblue, Upstox, Kotak, ICICI and HDFC
  • Hands-on training on user interface of mobile applications and website of trading platforms
Useful guidelines
  • The classes are held online on google meet with live training on trading portals (website and mobile app)
  • Dates and time-slots for each session are scheduled based on the participant's convenience after discussion with the host
  • Documents required to open a trading account on Fyers:
  • Pan Card, Aadhaar Card, Passport Photo, Recent Bank Statement, Canceled Cheque with Signature, Residence Address Proof, Specimen Signature on White Paper
  • Please try to join the experience on or before the given time
  • Please carry a proof of identification with you
  • Always communicate through Freebirds and never transfer money outside the Freebirds platform
  • You can cancel upto 3 days before the experience is scheduled to start
Hosted by
Suresh B Ramaiah Belagutti

Professionally, I am a project consultant in construction working since 35 years. I am passionate about practical education and experiential learning and frequently work as guest faculty in civil engineering and architecture colleges for the practical aspects of the courses with on-site visits and cost management. I love to empower people by helping them earn an income from home by learning about investments in equities, mutual funds and derivatives practically with expert traders.

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