A 4-day workshop to enhance your intuition and decipher the hidden meanings
4 days
12 or higher
Detailed Schedule

Day 1

  • Understanding Visions

Day 2

  • How to make Visions work for you

Day 3

  • Decoding Dream Messages - Theory and Practical

Day 4

  • ¬†Guided Meditation and Exercises

Please let us know if you would want to spend more time with us and make it a 5-day workshop instead to give yourself more time with the work.

The things you will learn
  • The freebird will learn to understand what messages their previous visions and dreams had for them.
  • The freebird will also equip themselves with knowledge and exercises to decode visions and dreams they have in the future without any external guidance.
  • The freebird will learn ways to use visions and dreams for their personal growth and creative expression.
Hosted by
Sanhita Baruah

Author of 4 poetry books including the Amazon Bestseller of 2020 - The Art of Letting Go. My short-stories and articles have been published in more than 10 anthologies and other national and international journals and magazines. I run my alternative healing and consultation service called Step-Up Saturdays which includes online sessions of Tarot Card Guidance and Intuitive Counseling, and in-person sessions of Access Bars and Energetic Facelift.

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