"Find the Slow with your partner"
2 hours
18 or higher
Detailed Schedule

Mindfulness Skills to build Intimacy

Tenetsof Non Violent Communication

Art of vulnerability & setting healthy boundaries

Learning your & your partner's love languages

The things you will learn
  • Mindfulness Skills to build intimacy, love and compassion for yourself and your partner.
  • Art of dealing with conflicts and emotional triggers.
  • Art of vulnerability and setting healthy boundaries.
  • Understanding your and your partner's love languages.
  • Role of digital media in modern relationships and how mindfulness can help to overcome digital addiction.
What’s included in the experience
  • You won't just experience this connection in the here and now, but also get to take home practical tools to strengthen your relationship.Plus Mindful Love Tribe's guidebook to learn important building blocks of Mindful relationships.
  • About the Instructor :
  • Somi Das is an independent journalist, communication coach and a mindful art practitioner.With her extensive background in psychology and mindful arts, she has conducted various workshops on empowering people to build and enjoy Mindful relationships.Some of the techniques that she incorporated in her workshops and trainings are Mindfulness practices, tenets of Non Violent Communication, Mindful Art Therapy and Guided Visualisation.
Hosted by
Mindful Love Tribe

At Mindful Love Tribe, we are passionate about bringing the art of Mindfulness back in people's lives. We specialise in curating experiences and retreats to empower people to practise the art of slowing down and savoring the beautiful things in life. We aim to enhance the quality of your relationships & lives by incorporating the magic of Mindfulness in your daily lives. Follow us @mindfullovetribe on Facebook & Instagram for updates on upcoming events.

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