Am interactive session that aims to hold space for you through powerful questions
3 hours
21 or higher
Detailed Schedule

OPTION 1: We gather online on (zoom, clubhouse, google meet etc) for 3 hours only and play the flowgame. Manna will take us through the entire game and how it’s played, then we’ll move into a short check in where we introduce ourselves and get comfortable which flows into the game where everyone gets a chance to ask a powerful question (a question that cannot be answered with yes or no, a question that might change the course of your life direction) - The flowgame will then present a perspective to that question by asking a follow up question from the card  that everyone in the circle gets to shed wisdom on.  The person asking the question will be able to roll a virtual dice but will be required to carry their own totem (talking piece) 

OPTION 2) We create a group of 6 to 8 people and get away from the city for the weekend. This will require everyone’s commitment before we arrange the accomodation and transportation but it is important to be together while playing the game and with everyone getting vaccinated, maintaining social distance and wearing masks - we can arrange for a delightful weekend away to play the flowgame together, followed by slacklining, dance sports and alone time in nature. 
The things you will learn
  • 1) You will make stronger, long-lasting connections over night
  • 2) You will get a chance to slow down, pause and reflect on your life journey ahead
  • 3) You will spend time with yourself and in nature
  • 4) You will invite clarity and flow into your life through the Flowgame and your future self will thank you
What’s included in the experience
  • Food and drinks will be provided at the venue
  • All activities and paraphernalia will be arranged
  • Good vibes, lots of hugs and huge smiles will be abundant
Useful guidelines
  • - You must make all payments before attending any of the sessions
  • - You must carry and be responsible for your own belongings if we travel together
  • - You must bring a powerful question and totem along
  • - People from all walks of life are welcome as long as they keep an open mind, positive and grateful attitude
  • - Please carry a notebook to the sessions
  • Please try to join the experience on or before the given time
  • Please carry a proof of identification with you
  • Always communicate through Freebirds and never transfer money outside the Freebirds platform
  • You can cancel upto 3 days before the experience is scheduled to start
Experience location
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