Guided Art Journeys - Begin to paint, explore and, build a relationship with your Creative Side.
10 days
8 or higher
Detailed Schedule

Global times
7.30 to 8.30 PM IST

*You don't have to know how to paint or draw.*

Each session is unique and stand-alone.

In every session for 60 minutes, I will take you through a process of painting. Each time its slightly different itinerary but the mileposts will be the same.  

I will tell you stories & events from my own life that have been impacted positively by this ART PRACTICE. We will talk and share.

We will let new techniques and ideas unfold in an organic process.

*Material*  Be ready with -

  • A3 size 200 to 320 gsm drawing paper/s.
  • 2/3 brushes - No 6, 8, 10. Round or Flat.
  • A palette.
  • Poster or watercolor tubes.
  • Crayons or wax pastels. 
  • Dark pencil B6 or B8.
  • A bowl of water and wipe cloth.
  • Erasers are banned. For you will see, how there is NO mistake. 
  • And trust parts that don't feel ok to you. 

The more you attend the more you strengthen your creative muscle and begin to identify more and more with your childlike playful creative side.

Ideally, sign up for at least 5-10 to see a marked shift. (Check out the Button where you can sign-up for 5 or 10 sessions for a discounted package).

If you want your children to sign up, that's great! They will love it.
It's suitable for anyone above age 8, who can follow instructions.

Keep all the materials ready much in advance.
Even dedicate a table/spot in your house/office/school for this Ritual Art Practice.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

Lots of Love,

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The things you will learn
  • A therapeutic and engaging art session where you will -
  • -Simply Draw - upon the stillness of this moment (Sit Down)
  • -Simply Mix - the colors of all experiences (Emotions and Thoughts)
  • -Simply Stroke - all Uncertainty (on the blank paper)
  • -Simply Flow - into the Open (Field of Possibilities)
  • -Simply Know - trust in the Process of Life (you always have)
  • more or less!
  • You will learn that painting is easy, its a no-brainer.
  • You will hear stories and learn how your mind needs interaction to allow your subconscious to express itself without demands and prompts from the mind.
  • You will experience what it means to FLOW creatively onto paper.
  • You will end up creating something you will truly like and want to share with others.
  • Or if you put it up on the wall, others will find value and beauty in it too.
  • You will feel light and ease and even have fun.
What’s included in the experience
  • Stories and connections.
  • Playful exercises and singing. (if you choose to try some on)
  • Meeting people across the globe.
  • You will hear my stories of how I built a self-reliant life from my creativity over 35 years time& time again without needing to take up jobs to pay bills.
  • You will have a happy time just having fun with colors and brushes and laughter.
  • You will have artworks you create!
Useful guidelines
  • Wearing comfortable light clothes does help but is optional.
  • Setting aside undisturbed 60 minutes without phone or noise around will enhance this experience for you. Headphones are recommended.
  • You can have your video off to hear better and enjoy the creative time with yourself.
  • Having good quality paper can lead to a more heightened experience and finished result of the artwork.
  • Please try to join the experience on or before the given time
  • Please carry a proof of identification with you
  • Always communicate through Freebirds and never transfer money outside the Freebirds platform
  • You can cancel upto 3 days before the experience is scheduled to start
Hosted by
Deepali Parmar

A Catalyst of Fun - Fire Upper - ExperiMentor. She loves finding ways to build nurturing and fun relationships with challenges. Deepali has stayed passionately engaged for 35 years with the singular search in Ways we Learn, Community and Human Connections with her gifts and tools in Art, Writing, Theatre, Dance, Music, Story-Telling, Teaching, and Creative Education experiments and Practices. A National Award-winning Interior Designer (1997), with numerous awards and recognition in theater, writing, arts, education. She unschools with her 11 yo son and the Home-ed, Unschooling Communities, with artists & change-makers in India and across the Globe. So here she is ready to bring alive fun & ease with all at Freebirds. Tune in!

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